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Make friends nearby with similar interests. Meet new people and connect over similar interests, passions, hobbies or obsessions. Get the ball rolling with one of Heyo's thought-provoking conversation starter questions. No profile pictures, no dating, no ‘relationship status’ - Heyo is for meaningful conversations with the people you are most likely to vibe with.

Perfect for expats, international students, travellers or anyone moving to a new city. Find your ideal friends, travel buddies, collaborators, teammates, business partners, playmates, mentors, band members and more.

Anything is possible when you meet someone new. Share a meaningful conversation, start an exciting project or go on an epic adventure.

Meet people nearby with shared interests and make new friends on Heyo
Your Heyo profile is your top four interests. What inspires you?
Friends, band mates, mentors and more. You never know where your connection might lead with Heyo.
Meet new friends on Heyo. Get to know someone new.
Go offline. Get off your phone. Share epic experiences with new friends on Heyo.

Heyo Features


Meet new people who share similar interests

Express Yourself

No profile pictures; members will only see your photo after you’ve matched


Location-based so you can meet people nearby

Hobbies & Interests

Choose your top four interests to give people a glimpse into what makes you, you.


Swipe right and start chatting

Conversation Starters

Choose from four thought-provoking questions to get the ball rolling

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